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Corporate Benefits

Onsite Instant Lube can be your most important corporate partner. Our highly-skilled technicians provide quick and efficient oil changes using only quality products which will keep your vehicles running efficiently, thus reducing the time you need to have your cars serviced. Whether we service your company’s fleet or your employees’ vehicles – we are committed to provide the best on-site car maintenance service throughout Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Fleet cars are always available
Limited insurance risk as fleet vehicles stay on property while being serviced
Save money by reducing both fuel spending and vehicle mileage
Overhead savings as there is no need for a mechanic to be kept on staff
Save money and space as you don’t need to stock oil and filters
Avoid having to deal with the hassle of waste disposal
No need for a dedicated driver to take the vehicles for servicing off site
Multiple cars serviced simultaneously
Provide great employee rewards program or benefit packages at a discounted rate

We are Licensed, Insured and follow EPA Compliance guidelines to ensure that we are environmentally friendly. Find out how you can become an Onsite Instant Lube Corporate Customer and start saving money today! Call 888.Louie Lube to speak directly to one of our Corporate Customer Service Representatives or email us at louie@onsiteinstantlube.com.